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Donna and Don enjoy their family, friends and pets (including their Shetland Sheepdog, Laddie)!  Feel free to include any or all of your family members in your wedding ceremony plans... Donna or Don would love to work with all of you!

While they have lived on Hilton Head Island for many years, the Jones’ both hail originally from Pennsylvania, where they enjoyed working professionally in the public education field.  They now participate in many local pursuits and organizations in the Hilton Head Island area.  They are blessed to have their children, family and friends as close parts of their lives here in South Carolina!

With the help of her husband Don, Donna is ready to begin the exciting process of helping you to make your one-of-a kind wedding ceremony a reality!

A Creative Wedding On Hilton Head is owned by Donna Jones, a licensed wedding officiant and ordained minister in the State of South Carolina.  She is assisted by her husband, Don Jones, who is also a licensed wedding officiant and ordained minister in South Carolina.

Donna or Don would love to help you to design and fulfill your very own memorable wedding ceremony here on beautiful Hilton Head Island, or in the surrounding lovely and scenic South Carolina coastal “Low Country.”

Donna and Don enjoy beach side weddings as well as ceremonies at the many wonderful hosting venues in the area, both indoors and outdoors!  They also love to assist with smaller ceremonies in homes and other intimate settings!  Donna and Don are also very interested in assisting with vow renewal ceremonies for all of those loving married couples who have decided to reaffirm their lives together, here on Hilton Head Island!

They are able to assist with everything about your wedding
ceremony, including helping you to
make your own arrangements for the ceremony location,
guest accommodations, food, entertainment, and many
other amenities.

Either Donna or Don will help you to make your wedding
ceremony or vow renewal service your VERY own,
memorable, and most special event!